Bali – What To Pack

When we were visiting Bali, the dilemma was what to pack. We were travelling with 3 children and it was always a worry – what if they had a fever or upset tummies or it was too hot? Mind you, it was 6°C in the UK around the time that we were planning to go and it was 31ºC in Bali.

Obviously we needed to shop, something my daughter was thrilled with doing. We needed light clothes that would weather the weather there. And of course I packed a whole lot of other things that I didn’t need so here’s a list of what you may and may not need.

Beach holidays - what to take

Clothes –

  • Light t-shirts, blouses – half-sleeved or strappy or sleeveless
  • Light cotton trousers – linen or cotton (no tights, leggings, jeans)
  • Shorts
  • Dresses
  • Underwear – boys won’t need vests unless they sleep in them
  • Short pyjamas
  • Swimsuits
  • Sleeveless t-shirts for boys/men


  • Sandals
  • Flip flops (we used our flip flops everywhere)


  • Children’s medicines – calpol, nurofen, piriton, vicks,
  • Adults – paracetomol or any other painkillers, diarrhoea relief
  • Mosquito spray or bands
  • Bandaids, plasters

Sun cream

Sun hats (though you can buy some really nice ones for cheap there)

Cool water spray

Baby Food – If your travelling with a baby, you will need to take these along as there isn’t much of a selection there.

Wipes – You may want to take these along for cleaning up – well, anything.

Camera and iPad or Laptop (wifi is pretty good and should be free in the hotel)

Backpack – essential to carry around snacks and water when out and about. You need loads of water.

Sunglasses – for all the family

Face towels (you perspire almost continuously when out and about)


Don’t buy/take


Water purifier tablets – if you are staying in a 4 star and above hotel, they should provide you with fresh bottled water daily

Beach toys/buckets – you can buy these there instead of carting them all the way

Wetsuits – it’s way too hot for those

Jeans – you’ll never wear them and they add to luggage weight

Trainers – Unless you are planning on doing loads of exploring you don’t really need these. Again, it’s too hot and you’d be better off with a good pair of sporty sandals.

Towels for the beach or the pool – Most hotels will give you towels for use with the pool or by the beach.


Forget ‘Are We Nearly There Yet’ with these great travel hacks from Disney Life


Whilst millions of parents might feel anxious about travelling with their children during the big summer getaway, new research from DisneyLife suggests it no longer needs to be stressful.  Six in ten parents feel that kids today love travelling, more than previous generations, thanks to fun digital entertainment. With entertainment on trips proving so successful, the nationwide research revealed that more than one in ten children have actually complained when a journey finally ended.

With parents mixing traditional and modern tactics – Games like I Spy (66%), singing songs (48%), watching movies and cartoons (35%), and reading books together (23%) – proved some of the most popular routes to keeping kids entertained. Another approach saw one in five parents finding success by telling endearing stories to keep their children entertained, engaged, and on their best behavior whilst travelling.  Top stories revealed by the research, included:

  • Telling kids to get ready to see a bear, whenever the family’s Sat Nav said ‘bear left’ or ‘bear right’
  • Telling children to help by leaning forward when going up steep hills, as otherwise the car wouldn’t make it up
  • Encouraging children to smile at the traffic lights to make them change quicker

The biggest cause for kids’ tears and tantrums during travels was revealed as restlessness and boredom (57%) followed by lack of entertainment (41%). To relieve boredom, the most essential items recommended by parents on long journeys included books (45%), music (43%), toys (42%) and tablets (40%).   However, with backseat boredom in check, the study revealed that it now takes almost an hour and a half before every parent’s dreaded question ‘are we nearly there yet?’ is asked.

Behavioural Psychologist Jo Hemmings comments: “The key to stress-free travel with young children lies in planning, preparation and not applying the same rules as you would at home. Playing traditional games, singing songs together and letting them watch movies and cartoons are the most successful ways of keeping your little ones from getting bored. Along with having enough food, drink and toys to keep them occupied – and a realistic sense of how long the journey is likely to take – these activities will all help eliminate travel anxiety and get you and your family to your destination with the minimum disruption.”


Travel Hacks 

With journeys now one of the best bits of the holiday, DisneyLife has asked behavioural Psychologist Jo Hemmings to reveal some of the top Travel Hacks for parents to use with their kids this summer.

1.       Provide a surprise bag for each child with some small stocking-filler type gifts

This will provide both a welcome distraction and make the journey go quicker, especially if they are allowed to open a small gift every half hour (or every hour on longer trips).

2.       Let each child pack a travel bag 

Limit them to 5 or 6 small items, or they’ll probably choose to take everything! And if it’s their choice, it will help avoid discussion around forgetting a special plaything.

3.       Travel at night

Think about driving, flying or going by train to your destination at night when your little ones are much more likely to sleep for most of the journey.

4.       Think streaming apps and portable entertainment devices

In fact anything electronic that will play games, music, e-books, TV and movies. Preferably with headphones for your own sanity! And if you’re travelling abroad, make sure you download any games/films before you set off. The research revealed that 40% of parents view tablets as essential when travelling with their children.

5.       Singalong

This is a great way to keep the whole family entertained. You could have your own ‘car-aoke’!

6.       Reuse your bean-bag trays 

Losing bits of toys or dropping food in the back of the car can be a major cause of frustration when travelling with little ones. If you have any of those cushioned bean bag bed trays, they are great for both playing on and catching any stray toys or food before they fall on the floor.

7.       Clean away game

You can buy – or make – containers that hang over the back of the front seats. Kids can be encouraged to throw any rubbish away in these, so that you don’t end up with a mass of bags/cartons and food crumbs on the car floor. You can also buy special pocketed net toy bags, which if within easy reach, can be hung over the front seats to make a toy tidy and provide easy access to a new plaything.

Chiara Cipriani, Vice President and General Manager, DisneyLife EMEA, said: “The holidays are such an exciting time for all the family. This research has revealed that travelling to your destination – be it by plane, train or car – simply doesn’t have to be something families merely endure – it can be a holiday highlight, as long as you plan ahead with enough entertainment!”

 The nationwide UK study of parents, conducted by DisneyLife to celebrate the launch of its latest TV campaign ‘Are we there yet?’ polled over 1,000 British parents about the behavior of their children when aged 10 and younger.

 DisneyLife offers Disney’s biggest collection of entertainment, including movies, books, music and Disney Channel TV box sets, all in one digital membership service. Visitwww.DisneyLife.com, the App Store or Google PlayTM for more information on DisneyLife or to sign up for a free one month trial and continue your membership for £9.99 a month after your free trial ends. There’s no annual contract so members may cancel at any time.


Bali – Where to Stay

Dreamland Beach, Bali

Dreamland Beach, Bali

You’ve decided to go to Bali but have you decided where you should be staying? Should you stay in Kuta – the hip and happening place, Ubud – quieter, peaceful but away from the beach or Sanur – near all the action but great for families.

Deciding where to stay in Bali can be confusing. So, here’s the lowdown on the places based on what information we gathered whilst doing our research.

Kuta – This is the hep and happening place where most of the tourists are. It’s busy and there’s a good nightlife and the very interesting malls – Bali Galleria and the Discovery Mall, where you’ll find most of the products from the Western World. It is a surfer’s paradise.

Legian – Legian is quieter than Kuta and very near it. There is a beach and lots of hotels and restaurants and is great if you want to be near accessible and fun Kuta but prefer it a little less hectic.

Seminyak – Legian seems to melt into Seminyak – a short walk down the Legian beach leads to Seminyak beach. Seminyak is bigger and is famous for it’s sunsets and restaurants on the beach from where you can watch it. There is also good shopping in Seminyak and is home to the famous Bintang Market where you can pick up a lot of your Western everyday products.

Ubud – Ubud is famous for it’s rice fields and is north of Legian. It’s quieter and a good escape for relaxation. There are a number of wellness spas and hotels.

Nusa Dua – Home to the Grand Hyatt, you’ll feel you are in a different city. Well kept gardens and well maintained roads, Nusa Dua is pretty. The beach is just amazing and the better part of it belongs to the Grand Hyatt. You can still make use of it for the day though by paying $25 per person/lounger. The pristine blue sea makes it worth the while.

Sanur – Sanur is more family friendly although the beach is not exceedingly great. You do get your private villas with a private pool here and being further away from Kuta, it is not filled with backpackers and is more laid back.

These are the main places to stay in if you visit Bali and there are loads of hotels to choose from depending on your budget besides the ones mentioned. We found Trip Advisor most helpful when we were scouring hotels and you can click here to find our more about Bali Hotels.